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Food Additive and Preservative Storage

Food processing is advanced chemical engineering. And for some purveyors, blending seasoned herbs with melodies of ingredients bursting with flavor while keeping things safe and clean is definitely an acquired taste. While technicians and chefs aren’t handling rocket fuel or blasting caps in their quests for culinary prowess, they must utilize and store potentially harmful chemicals that preserve food and prevent contamination, as well as botulism. Food manufacturing is also a delicate balance of art, science and engineering. The same chemicals that add zests of flavor while preserving foods and ingredients for weeks to come are also highly flammable. Certain additives and ingredients must also be stored in a climate controlled setting to prevent spoiling or compromises to consistency. U.S. Hazmat Storage can provide safe and compliant food additive and preservative storage, so food processing facilities can meet the changing demands of wholesalers and clients.

Running With Knives

Food Additive and Preservative Storage

Food manufacturing is on the knife’s edge of sensible production and sanitation. And like handling any sharp object, special precautions must be put in place to ensure the health and safety of not only your customers, but also employees. Food manufacturing facilities are perhaps the only processing facilities that process raw ingredients into edible substances in proximity to sanitation chemicals. Such processing plants and facilities also rely on tripe washes, antimicrobial processing aids and other pathogen reducing chemicals. Failure to separate these dangerous chemicals from basic sanitary cleaners can result in contamination and even fatal consumption. There’s also the risk of inadvertent fire and explosion if these chemicals are not kept in climate controlled, fire resistant storage lockers. Because food processing facilities must accommodate so many different types of chemicals, precursors and ingredients, the propensity exist for inadvertent mixing and cross contamination. U.S. Hazmat Storage has engineered a line of climate controlled storage lockers that allows for the compatible, one-stop location and storage of preservatives and sanitation chemicals.

Spoiling a Good Thing By Not Investing in Compliant Food Additive and Preservative Storage

One Canadian meat processing facility took compliant food additive and preservative storage with a grain of salt after it abandoned eight tons of meat. The owners of the Bavarian Meat Products facility allegedly left behind whole freezers and shelves filled with meat after going out of business. Doing what chemical processes do, the meat turned rancid without proper refrigeration and the city was left on the hook to cleanup the mess. They will also have to sugarcoat an explanation to taxpayers, who will ultimately have to foot the bill for cleanup services. While this company’s storage practices were rotten to the core, compliant and affordable food additive and and preservative storage don’t have to be forbidden fruit. Not only are our climate controlled chemical storage lockers fire resistant, but they can also accommodate a wide variety of chemicals for processing and sanitizing, freeing up freezer and storage space to prevent wasteful tragedies such as these.