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Non Fire-Rated Chemical Storage Buildings

Non Fire-Rated Chemical Storage Buildings

Non-Flammable Chemical & Pesticide Containment Solutions

US Hazmat Storage carries a full line of Non Fire-Rated Buildings for all of your industrial storage needs. Looking for an effective chemical & pesticide storage solution, designed for EPA compliance? You’ve found it. Our non fire-rated line of ChemSAFE™ storage is the standard for hazardous chemical storage and spill containment. When you need to store non-flammable chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers,  paints, or solvents, US Hazmat Storage can help.

Every model in our catalog of non fire-rated storage buildings is designed with ultimate EPA compliance and maximum spill containment in mind. Ask us how US Hazmat Storage can enable your company to safely meet its chemical storage needs.

Non Fire-Rated Storage Options

Hazardous chemical storage containers should be designed with due consideration to the hazards of the materials to be stored, as well as their value to own. The US Hazmat Storage ChemSAFE™ line provides the strongest non fire-rated chemical storage building: manufactured from continuously welded 12-gauge steel, and with built-in secondary containment included.

Our basic 10′ 12 barrel chemical building with 660 gallon storage capacity.

2,310 gallons in up to 42 barrels can be stored in a large 30′ chemical storage locker.

27 Barrel chemical buildings can store up to 1,485 gallons. These lockers measure 20′ feet.

Our extra large hazardous material storage buildings store up to 57 drums or 3,135 gallons in a 40′ locker.

Non Fire-Rated Chemical Storage Specifications

US Hazmat Storage ChemSAFE™ Non Fire-Rated Buildings

Dimensions: L x W x H, varies with unit model

Weight: varies with unit model

Snow Load: 40 PSF

Floor Load: 500 PSF

Wind Load: 155 MPH Exp. C

Seismic: Category C

American Steel Construction

The steel used to fabricate our US Hazmat Storage ChemSAFE™  chemical storage buildings is the highest-grade American made steel, free from rough edges, kinks, and sharp bends. Our manufacturing is done precisely and in a neat fashion and all bends are made by controlled means to ensure uniformity and strength. Our welding procedures are in accordance with the American Welding Society and meet standards set forth by the ASTM, and all welds are sufficient in Locker construction.

Certified Compliance

All US Hazmat Storage ChemSAFE™ units meet or exceed OSHA standards and EPA compliance ratings.  Signage to denote NFPA Hazard Ratings is included. Other third party and state regulatory approvals are available as well- speak to our team of experts today.

Customized Chemical Storage

Design your US Hazmat Storage ChemSAFE™  building to your custom material specifications. Additional floor, wall, and roofing reinforcement to withstand higher snow loads may be added to satisfy local and state regulations. Temperature control, spill containment, ventilation, and custom color options are available when you request a quote as well.



For your temperature-controlled industrial material placement, chemical and pesticide storage, and spill containment needs, you can rely on a building from US Hazmat Storage!


All products from US Hazmat Storage are built to industry standards. Each unit fully customizable to meet your needs. A wide variety of accessories for specialty chemical & pesticide storage are available. Get in touch with us to request a personalized quote today.

US Hazmat Storage ChemSAFE™ non-flammable chemical & pesticide storage buildings come equipped with:

  • Built-In Lighting
  • Mechanical Exhaust Fan
  • Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System
  • Premium 12 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Air Turnover Compliance Mechanical Ventilation
  • Heavy Duty Lock Security
  • Built-In Secondary Spill Containment Sump
  • Drum Storage Capacity Options: From 1 to 12, 27, 42, or 57 barrels
  • Full EPA Compliance Guarantee
  • Movable by Heavy Forklift
  • Crane Lifting Lugs
  • 20-Year Structural Warranty
Non Fire-Rated Uninsulated Wall Construction Feature
Non Fire-Rated Wall Construction Feature
Non Fire-Rated Roof Construction Feature
Non Fire-Rated Uninsulated Roof Construction Feature

Why Choose US Hazmat Storage?

These hazmat storage buildings can be used for storing flammable and/or combustible chemicals if located at least 30 feet from any other buildings or structures. Check with local authorities about any variance allowances to find the chemical & pesticide storage that meets your needs.

A hazardous materials accident or fine can occur anytime, anywhere. Our chemical storage solutions and other hazardous material storage vaults can minimize these risks. Call (877)-959-0747, or use our online Request a Quote form to see how we can simplify your hazardous materials management plan.