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Drop-Over Buildings

Drop-Over Buildings

Build-over Industrial Buildings

US Hazmat Storage‘s selection of Build-over Industrial Buildings are the ultimate problem solvers. When you need to build around or over a job site or equipment that would be hazardous or costly to move, these drop-over buildings work wonders. Using Drop-over Hazardous Construction buildings for full OSHA Compliant Equipment Protection will save you time and money. These models are just part of the full spectrum of custom chemical storage solutions US Hazmat Storage offers.

Custom Turn-Key Drop-Over Industrial Buildings

These floor-less equipment storage units can also be used for industrial sound dampening, protecting infrastructure, and ensuring OSHA compliance. The building specs are designed to be lifted by crane over existing structures for minimal disturbance, with optimal strength.

Our turn-key build-over buildings are available with a range of customization, and our company is standing by to meet your need for build-over industrial buildings. Request a quote today to get started.

Industrial Built-over Building Applications

Climate Controlled Operations

US Hazmat’s build-over industrial buildings are ready with customizable climate controls.  Store Hazardous chemicals within specific temperature ranges  with easy modifications to our modular units. Up to R30 insulation can be added to our models for drop-over hazardous construction to neutralize heat, cold, and sound.

Sound Dampening Industrial Equipment

Our build-over industrial buildings can be insulated to achieve moderate to high sound damping, to keep decibel levels for your workplace safe and OSHA compliant. US Hazmat Storage provides custom quotes for industrial strength sound dampening equipment, no matter what noise you’re making. We have drop-over building solutions for any size pump, generator, or hazardous material storage. Solving your need for industrial strength sound dampening equipment is just a phone call away.

Floor-less Equipment Storage

When it isn’t practical to move your operation, floor-less equipment storage can be useful. In our American factory, we design and build custom solutions to provide easy build-over installation onsite. They work great to drop-over hazardous construction areas in any industrial application.

Sometimes all you need is walls and a roof, for temporary applications. Our customers have used these structures to prevent tampering, block industrial noise, or act as windbreaks. These custom, built to last floor-less steel buildings are safe for hazardous chemical storage when included spill containment is not required. For situations that do, look into our other custom chemical storage solutions.

All of our build-over industrial buildings carry the following specifications to provide fully OSHA compliant equipment protection.

Additional customization is available to meet your industrial build-over building needs.

  • Dimensions: Varies with customization
  • Durable Steel Construction for Added Security, Protection, and Longevity
  • Seismic Bolt-Down Plates and Static Grounding System
  • Explosion Proof Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating Units Available
  • Explosion Proof and Non-Explosion Proof Mechanical Vents, Gas Sensors, Liquid Level Detectors, and Electrical Accessories Available
  • Non-Fire Rated or Fire Rated Construction Available

Perfect for Drop-over Hazardous Construction, OSHA Compliant Equipment Protection, and more.

Why Choose US Hazmat Storage?

Contact us today to discuss your Safety Storage, Hazmat Compliance, Storm Shelter, and Risk Management needs. We offer professional industrial grade solutions to meet your industrial safety requirements.

We use the latest safety equipment, sensors, and components to ensure long lasting durability, user friendly systems, and the safest environment for your employees and workflow processes.

Certified engineering, custom chemical storage solutions, and FM Approved designs with EPA, OHSA, NFPA, and Local Jurisdictions having authority compliance standards. We work hard to ensure employee and facility safety your hazardous material storage, mixing and dispensing, and workflow process needs.

Our strength is custom fabrication, engineering, and manufacturing experience with proven quality and successfully delivery for our clients. Have an emergency? We can help.

US Hazmat Storage offers a full line of safety storage compliance and life safety solutions. From Chemical Storage and Secure Safe Rooms, to mobile job site Tornado Shelters, we have you covered. Contact us today to discuss your safety compliance and employee protection needs. We’re here for you.