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Explosion-Proof Storage

Explosion-Proof Storage

Explosion Proof Chemical Storage

US Hazmat Storage is a leader in explosion proof chemical storage. All of our modular, custom-built industrial structures can be outfitted for any manner of flammable liquid storage or combustible storage. Work with the flammable storage experts at US Hazmat Storage for affordable custom chemical storage needs on any scale. We’re ready to deliver a custom quote today.

Combustible Storage Options

All of the following can be customized for explosion proof chemical storage. Select an option for more information or contact us to request a quote  delivered to your inbox.

2-hour and 4-hour fire-rated buildings designed for flammable liquid storage.

Pre-engineered chemical storage lockers for non flammable storage.

Crane-hoisted, floor-less buildings to drop over existing structures. Can be built to explosion proof chemical storage specifications.

Racking and handling solutions for chemical drum and IBC storage. Efficient totes for combustible storage.

Flammable Liquid Storage Considerations

In high level fire-rated regulation, all structures for flammable storage must be explosion proof. US Hazmat Storage can provide expert combustible storage advice, with over 30 years of experience.

If you are storing flammable liquid, gases, or even material that may leave combustible particulate in the air such as dust, powders, off-gasses or fumes, there are various technologies, construction styles, and other regulatory requirements that must be included in the storage building  in order to ensure safety and compliance. Our team can answer your questions about all of them.

This expert knowledge is especially important in work-flow processes where staff or production workers perform functions inside the flammable storage buildings. If  the material is handled inside the chemical storage building, all components must meet the highest quality explosion proof safety standards. All electrical components must be rated for explosion proof chemical storage.

Custom Flammable Storage

US Hazmat Storage‘s line of flammable liquid storage units are designed, engineered, manufactured, installed for maximum safety and protected from sparks.

This includes all electronics including wiring and electrical installation, electrical load centers and power converters, sensors, alarms, lighting, switches, mechanical ventilation, heating and cooling components, spill detectors, vapor section units, motorized or mechanical hoists or lifts, etc.

Our engineered solutions for customized fire-rated chemical storage buildings offer superior safety and security for storing flammable and combustible materials, liquids, paints, and other hazardous material for OSHA, EPA and compliance with all local authorities having jurisdiction.

Why Choose US Hazmat Storage?

Contact us today to request an Explosion Proof Chemical Storage quote. We offer professional industrial grade solutions for any application. Get what you need. Don’t pay for what you don’t. For a straightforward buying experience in industrial chemical storage, look no further than US Hazmat Storage!

We use the latest safety equipment, sensors, and components to ensure long lasting durability, user friendly systems, and the safest environment for your employees and workflow processes.

Certified engineering, custom chemical storage solutions, and FM Approved designs with EPA, OHSA, NFPA, and Local Jurisdictions having authority compliance standards. We work hard to ensure employee and facility safety your hazardous material storage, mixing and dispensing, and workflow process needs.

Our strength is custom fabrication, engineering, and manufacturing experience with proven quality and successfully delivery for our clients. Have an emergency? We can help.

US Hazmat Storage offers a full line of safety storage compliance and life safety solutions. From Chemical Storage and Secure Safe Rooms, to mobile job site Tornado Shelters, we have you covered. Contact us today to discuss your safety compliance and employee protection needs. We’re here for you.