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Chemical Storage Buildings, Hazardous Material Storage Containers


Custom design, engineering and manufacturing service operations will meet your needs, compliance standards, and budget.



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Risk Management

Each of our solutions are specifically designed to meet or exceed safety and compliance standards for chemical storage, flammable storage, explosion proof combustible storage, operation and employee safety and more.

Custom Service Solutions Is Our Business

From consultation, design, and engineering, through delivery, installation, and setup, US Hazmat Storage is a full-service safety storage provider.

US Hazmat Storage Solutions

Hazardous Material Chemical Storage Lockers

US Hazmat Storage is a leading innovator in manufacturing safety and compliant storage buildings and containers for hazardous chemicals and combustible material.

Specializing in flammable storage products, we’re uniquely qualified to help your company achieve high standards for risk management and facility safety across many different sectors of commercial use from hazardous material storage, workflow management and efficiencies, throughout processing, mixing and dispensing applications. We provide cost-effective industrial grade solutions for small businesses and fortune 100’s alike.

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Industrial Compliance Solutions

US Hazmat Storage® has vast experience in manufacturing processes and safety storage solutions. Contact us today to discuss your chemical storage and safety compliance needs.

US Hazmat Storage

Security, Safety, and Chemical Storage Solutions

Contact us today to discuss our professional solutions for custom chemical storage, paint storage, hazmat lockers, tornado shelters, and secure safe rooms and mobile offices. Have a chemical handling need in your workflow process? We can help, from paint storage to mixing and dispensing rooms, or from small container storage, 50 gallon drums, totes, pallets, including flammable, combustible, and even explosive material. US Hazmat Storage can meet your needs.

Professional Engineering

Explore our Custom Chemical Storage, Hazmat Storage Lockers, ISO Container Storage, Drum Storage, Tote Storage, Explosive Storage, Safe Room, Tornado Shelters, and more.

Custom Solutions

Have a unique requirement to protect your organization or improve your workflow processes with chemical storage handling, safety compliance, or equipment storage?

We Have You Covered & Protected

US Hazmat Storage has you covered. From Chemical Storage compliance, Tornado, and General Warehouse Storage buildings, to Industrial Security Facilities enhancements. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions.

Multi-Use Safety
Safe Room & Storm Shelters
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Tornado Shelter & Storm Safes
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Life Safety
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FEMA 320 & 361
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250 MPH Tornado Rated
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