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Fire-Rated Chemical Storage Buildings

Fire-Rated Chemical Storage Buildings

Fire-Rated Flammable Chemical Storage Buildings

Flammable storage buildings include our US Hazmat Storage FireSAFE-2FS™ which is two-hour fire rated and the US Hazmat Storage FireSAFE-4FS™ lockers which are four-hour fire-rated solutions. Professionally welded solid steel construction with a unique spill containment sump ensures every chemical storage locker provides safe and compliant storage of hazmat materials, flammable liquids, corrosives, and combustibles storage in drums, totes, pallets, or even small container storage.

Designed and engineered as fire-rated safety storage solutions, storage lockers allow your operations and plant management teams to work your storage requirements seamlessly into a multitude of workflow processes. From inside your existing operating facilities and workflows, to outside storage from within a 10′ permitter of existing structures. US Hazmat Storage can provide compliant storage for your needs.

minimizing hazmat liability


Flammable and combustible chemical storage with two-hour fire rating and explosive proof compliance.


Flammable and combustible chemical storage required for four-hour fire rating and explosive proof compliance.

Combustible Material Flammable Storage Buildings

Safe and Secure Flammable Chemical Storage Buildings

Our custom engineering can improve operations within your workflow or in close proximity to existing structures improving your operating efficiencies. US Hazmat Storage chemical storage lockers offer Class 1A Flammable Chemical Storage and are compliant with mixing of Class 1B Flammable Chemicals. Discuss your needs today with a risk management advisors who can help find the best storage solution for your needs. Secure your operations, improve worker safety, and decrease corporate liability with proper spill containment, fire protection, and explosion resistant storage of your hazardous materials.

Our US Hazmat Storage FireSAFE™ buildings are designed and engineered for chemical storage safety and compliance. A FireSafe unit is used to store flammable liquids and materials, corrosives, combustibles, and other hazardous or flammable chemicals. These buildings can safely store chemicals within or close to occupied facilities with up to four-hour fire rating and can include explosion relief where required for compliance.

US Hazmat Storage FireSafe™ lockers exceed EPA 40-CFR requirements with a roof system that meets Class A flame spread rating and UL rating of I-60 for wind uplift. Each locker is uniquely designed and engineered for safety, the steel frame shell of each locker includes multilayered fire-resistant insulation and fire-resistant gypsum boards constructed inside heavy-gauge steel sheetings coated for maximum corrosion residents, durability, and fire protection.

A US Hazmat Storage chemical storage locker may include temperature and climate controls keeping content cooled or heated as required for safe storage and handling. Climate controls can vary from 35°F to upwards of 175°F with each locker custom engineered to meet your workflow, OSHA, and EPA safety compliance needs. Ensure proper storage and spill containment of your hazardous materials, call today.

Us Hazmat Storage FireSAFE 4FS™ chemical storage buildings provide our clients with flammable liquid, combustible material, and hazardous material storage with a Four Hour Fire-Rating. This extraordinary protection adds to the safety and protection of the Two Hour Fire-Rated FireSAFE 2FS with two more hours of fire emergency protection. An added layer of fire suppressant insulation is constructed within the fire-resistant walls for added safety and compliance. A FireSAFE 4FS enables you to conveniently store and mix flammable materials within or in very near proximity to your existing workflow and operational facilities. Custom accessories and construction techniques for explosion resistance create an industry-leading, safe, and compliant storage solution for combustible chemicals. Protect your personnel, equipment, and facilities with top-of-the-line safety from US Hazmat Storage.



A US Hazmat Storage Compliance Officer and Risk Manager will work directly with your process engineers, facility managers, and operations officials to customize a chemical storage building to meet your specific needs. From hazardous material processing, mixing & dispensing, and flammable material storage to storm safety and tornado shelters. We will meet your project specifications and exceed your expectations. From storage, repair and maintenance, and construction, to mixing and dispensing applications, each solution is engineered for full compliance. Our solutions are backed by an industry-leading 20-year warranty from a company with over 40 years of steel fabrication and manufacturing experience that is privately owned and operated in the USA.


Click below for complete details and compliance regulations our chemical storage buildings meet as well as details about available hazardous material storage and explosion proof accessories. We will fully customize solutions to meet your needs. Contact us for details today.

  • Customizable for any process, workflow, and storage need
  • Quality steel locker with corrosion coat protection construction
  • Complete performance includes custom engineering, construction, transportation, and on-site construction for turn-key installation
  • Temperature control climate regulating accessories available
  • Liquid level and liquid spill detectors
  • Lighting and Electrical accessories available
  • Air turnover compliance mechanical ventilation
  • Hazardous gas monitors and alarms
  • Explosion-resistant accessories and construction available
  • Explosion-Relief Panels available
  • Heating, Air, and Refrigeration control
  • EPA-compliant spill containment
  • Class 1A flammable chemical storage compliant
  • Class 1B flammable chemical mixing compliant
  • 20-Year structural warranty

FireSafe Hazmat Storage Buildings

Optional two-hour and four-hour configurations in 10′, 20′, 30′ and 40′ sizes.

FireSafe 1008 10ft. Storage Unit
FireSafe 1008 10ft. Storage Unit
FireSafe 2008 20ft. Storage Unit
FireSafe 2008 20ft. Storage Unit
FireSafe 3008 30ft. Storage Unit
FireSafe 3008 30ft. Storage Unit
FireSafe 4008 40ft. Storage Unit
FireSafe 4008 40ft. Storage Unit
4-Hr. Fire-Rated Wall Construction Feature
4-Hr. Fire-Rated Roof Construction Feature
2-Hr. Fire-Rated Wall Construction Feature
2-Hr. Fire-Rated Roof Construction Feature

When a Fire-Rated System is not necessary, we have a simple containment system that is not fire-rated. You can deploy these buildings in your operation to ensure storage compliance. These storage systems will maintain EPA and OSHA compliance with easy-access tote and pallet storage for materials needing secondary spill containment and security. Our Non Fire-Rated storage can contain materials that can be stored without fire-rated containment, while still providing simple material handling with forklift for bulk storage in your workflow processes.

Non Fire-Rated Uninsulated Wall Construction Feature
Non Fire-Rated Wall Construction Feature
Non Fire-Rated Uninsulated Roof Construction Feature
Non Fire-Rated Roof Construction Feature

Why Choose US Hazmat Storage?

Contact us today to discuss your Safety Storage, Hazmat Compliance, Storm Shelter, and Risk Management needs. We offer professional industrial grade solutions to meet your safety needs.

We use the latest safety equipment, sensors, and components to ensure long-lasting durability, user-friendly systems, and the safest environment for your employees and workflow processes.

Certified engineering, custom chemical storage solutions with EPA, OHSA, NFPA, and Local Jurisdictions having authority compliance standards. We work hard to ensure employee and facility safety your hazardous material storage, mixing and dispensing, and workflow process needs.

Our strength is custom fabrication, engineering, and manufacturing experience with proven quality and successfully delivery for our clients. Have an emergency? We can help.

US Hazmat Storage offers a full line of safety storage compliance and life safety solutions. From Chemical Storage and Secure Safe Rooms to mobile job site Tornado Shelters, we have you covered. Contact us today to discuss your safety compliance and employee protection needs. We’re here for you.