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U.S. Hazmat Storage lockers save communities

Despite their volatile and explosive nature, hazardous materials and chemicals are an unavoidable reality of any job site. Wherever you look, every industry has its share of dangerous chemicals that must be respected and stored properly.

Could you imagine trying to run a custom deluxe painting business without thinner or cleaning equipment? Picasso himself would recoil at the abstract renderings splattered across the floor and walls. Construction sites are no different. Heavy machinery, mixers and sprayers require large amounts of fuel to operate. All these chemicals require safe, climate-controlled environments to prevent disaster.

Steel-welded lockers as cost-effective measures

While start-up fees for chemical storage lockers can be annoying and burdensome, they can save you millions in civil penalties and damages if dangerous hazardous materials are not properly stored.

Our steel-welded state-of-the-line storage lockers come in with two and four-hour fire protection with innovative spill containment sumps that work quickly to catch costly chemical leaks the moment they happen. These units are also equipped with climate control protection, so that chemical consistency and integrity are maintained while not in use.

U.S. Hazmat Storage offers superior site protection

What else could you want in vulnerable and heralded protection? How about optimal security and protection from theft? In addition to isolating and quarantining dangerous substances, our tough-as-nails steel lockers are great deterrents for crafty and conniving crooks. Multi-locking points of security will dissuade criminals from even trying to access your units once they encounter the initial difficulty of bypassing our anti-theft devices. These downtrodden criminals will simply give-up and go on to the next unassuming job site.

Saving our communities with American Steel

Four Hour Fire Rated Chemical Storage Building Model 4FS2008

While we have previously covered the extensive amount of damage and penalties possible from improper storage, we have not allowed you to consider the detriment it is to the greater community until now.  Hazardous material incidents require a tremendous amount of resources from our law enforcement and fire and rescue communities. Regardless of how small and benign the threat is initially perceived; our brave firefighters and paramedics must treat each incident like it’s a matter of life and death.

A highly trained hazmat team from Toledo, Ohio was reminded of this lesson recently after responding to two false alarms. Although the “all clear” was broadcasted prior to their arrival, these responders, cladded in hazmat suits that cost an excess of $1,000, still had to take the time necessary to properly secure the scene and disarm the supposed threat. Bottom line: every threat must be taken seriously. This also requires a tremendous amount of money for training and resources in responding to every call.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s one out of 100 we’re prepared for that one,” said Pvt. Sterling Rahe, spokesman for the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department. “Because we approach them all the same. It’s good practice for us in real time, the crews understand that and they work that way. They take a methodically approach to it.”

As a steward of your community and the environment you wish to protect, don’t you also owe it to your fellow citizens to operate a clean and responsible enterprise? Frivolous or wasteful spending on accidents and incidents that are totally avoidable can strain smaller governments that don’t receive a lot of federal and state funding. In turn, this could mean property taxes for vital services could go up in authorities are overstressed responding to emergency calls that shouldn’t happen in the first place. Your company’s reputation could also take a hit it soon will not recover for if you’re known as the business that polluted the town’s favorite waterway or public park.

For this reason and many others, contact U.S. Hazmat Storage today for a free quote and consultation so your company’s safety protocols and stopgaps are up to date.