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Trust U.S. Hazmat Storage to protect you from dangerous construction myths

Information can be a powerful tool in protecting lives and valuable workplace equipment. It’s why we strive to emphasize the dividends of proper chemical storage and not skimping on necessary stopgaps when it comes to dealing with dangerous chemicals.

The investment in the correct flammable or non-flammable chemical storage unit could save you thousands of dollars in civil penalties. More importantly, proper storage saves lives. While valuable workplace equipment is replaceable, unique individuals and humanity are simply something that cannot be taken for granted.

Avoid the hype, trust the U.S. Hazmat Experts

Despite our pleas for safety and appeals to caution, what we want to avoid is fear-mongering. You have enough to worry about without needlessly succumbing to the pandering of morally bankrupt salesmen and conman who are more concerned with your dollar than safety.

At U.S. Hazmat Storage, we want to protect your company end employees from real threats instead of imagined ones. The world is scary enough without having to fret over the worst-case scenarios. While our greatest hopes may never be realized, the same can be said for our greatest fears.

To help to put your mind at ease, we’ve decided to debunk some of the more common myths concerning hazardous waste management.

The great Fentanyl caper

For years, the medical community was alarmed by the over-hyped residual effect of Fentanyl exposure. For those who may be unaware, Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 100 times stronger than morphine. It was originally developed for the debilitating pain of cancer patients. As with so many other pharmaceuticals, the drug was abused by users looking for a quick high.

Somewhere during the drug induced haze of misinformation and embellishment, people bought into the myth that accidental exposure to the drug (just simply touching it) could cause an overdose. A Philadelphia cleaning company even began charging people $50,000 per Fentanyl cleaning session. In reality, however, the odds of an “accidental Fentanyl overdose is incredibly rare. Medical experts said that cleaning services such as these are a complete scam and should be avoided as much as the drug itself. While ingestion of the drug can lead to a fatal overdose within hours of consumption, accidental topical exposure poses minimal harm. So in short, hazmat suits, let alone a storage locker, would be completely unnecessary.

Lightning never strikes twice….

Contrary to popular belief, lightning does in fact the same location twice. In fact, it often strikes the same place repeatedly, especially if the location has a higher profile than it’s surrounding area and is made of metal. The common misconception that a tree offers optimal protection during a thunderstorm is another dangerous fallacy. Trees are common flash points for lightning strikes. While your home is by far the superior option in protecting yourself and the family from dangerous storms, you should also consider protecting your equipment. Our steel-welded storage lockers can easily double as storage spaces to protect your tools from the elements. Fire suppression and spill containment systems are another first-line of protection in safeguarding these valuables from spills and fire.

Newer buildings are more safe from fire

Fires do not discriminate when it comes to the age of the material or property that it destroys. In fact, fresh, dry wood can even burn quicker. Faulty wiring can still quickly scorch and gut a business’s interior. Job-site’s are dangerous places. On any given day, half a dozen crews can be seen entering and exiting a congested construction zone. With such an influx of people and the ubiquity of combustible materials that is common at any job-site, the propensity for destruction only increases. Either way, you should develop a fire-proof escape plan for your crew. But what about your valuable tools and dangerous chemicals? A Fire-SAFE2 Chemical storage building provides industry leading steel protection for common flammable chemicals, so you can focus on the task at hand instead of the dogged “what-ifs?”

Human chemicals are more dangerous?

Regardless of provenance, it’s inept and inaccurate to assume that man-made or synthetic chemicals are inherently more dangerous or volatile than naturally occurring compounds. The process in the chemical’s extraction and process is significantly, but that doesn’t tell the whole story concerning it’s chemical makeup. Acetone and ammonia are common naturally occurring chemicals that can be found on many job sites. In many ways, they can be just as dangerous as gasoline – man-made chemical. Our Fire-SAFE4X provides the ultimate fire and explosion proof protection that be easily implemented into any work process.

Four Hour Fire Rated Chemical Storage Building Model 4FS2008

Each locker includes multilayered fire-resistant insulation and fire-resistant gypsum boards constructed inside heavy-gauge steel sheetings coated for maximum corrosion residents, durability, and fire protection.
Custom accessories and construction techniques for explosion resistance create an industry leading safetying for storing combustible chemicals. Protection your personnel, equipment, and facilities with top of the line safety from US Hazmat Storage. Regardless of your choice in protection, please consider all options carefully and never settle for secondhand information. Always consult an expert if you are in doubt. The building and storage advisers are at U.S. Hazmat Storage are a great place to start and can get the ball rolling on a free quote quote and consultation the same day!