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Need Supplemental Chemical Storage?

supplemental chemical storage

Remain Compliant With Extra Warehouse Storage

Warehouses have been pushed to capacity with ongoing interruptions to supply chains and backed-up orders. As it turns out, COVID has created a logistical nightmare, turning warehouses into heaps of unorganized mess with no real cohesion. A once smoothly running machine is running asynchronistic. Inconsistencies in product distribution and fulfillment means warehouses have become overburdened with supplies and ready to ship orders. Even if businesses can procure enough raw materials for refined productions, they remain hesitant to touch supplies out of fear of exhausting existing product, leaving them unable to fulfill more orders and take on future clients. On the cusp of running out supplies completely, some companies will stockpile pallets and drums of a specific chemical. But original warehouse configurations weren’t designed for such bulk storage. To free up some extra storage space in your warehouses, consider supplemental chemical storage from U.S. Hazmat Storage.

What is Supplemental Chemical Storage?

Supplemental chemical storage is exactly what it sounds like – extra storage space to relieve warehouses that have simply run out of space. Supplemental chemical storage lockers resemble large Conex container lockers that have been reinforced with solid steel welds. We have also outfitted the buildings with ventilation and climate control to prevent the chemicals from deteriorating due to temperature inversions or creating volatile chemical reactions. To prevent chemical spills from escaping into the environment, we’ve also equipped each storage locker with an innovative sump containment system attached to the bottom of the storage locker.

How Does Maxed Out Warehouses Hurt Profit and Future Business?

Like the old saying goes, time is money. It’s the one unexpendable that can never be replaced. While replacing products and materials slows down production, time is one asset that cannot recovered no matter what corrective measures procurement takes. And time is exactly what you will lose with a crowded warehouse. All that clutter from disrupted supply chain slows day workers because they are having to take extra time out of their day to locate and find items that were once easily accessible. Supplemental chemical storage can ameliorate storage woes from clutter, streamlining operations once again, so workers aren’t wasting anymore precious time.

Cut Down on Warehouse Costs

Last year, warehouse rents increased by 22 percent. That was measured, by some, as the fastest and largest jump in warehouse rental fees. You don’t have to be an economist to understand the reason why – surging demand in warehouse floor space. Companies worldwide are facing storage dilemmas caused by supply chain woes and inflation. And to avoid risking products from becoming ruined by the weather or stolen, they’ve been forced to ante up and paying exorbitant warehouse rental fees. But there’s another way. Supplemental warehouse storage is a permanent storage solution. It’s a one-time fee to purchase supplement onsite storage. In the long run, purchasing additional storage will always remain the cheaper option, opposed to renting temporary warehouse storage.