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Dry-cleaning business leaves permanent stain on ecosystem

Improper chemical storage can not only forever tarnish a company’s reputation, but also the environment it inevitably strains through negligence and mismanagement.

With the threats associated with climate change slowly coming into focus, minimizing our carbon footprint and the harm rendered to the ecosystem is more important now than ever.

So much of the damage inflicted upon our fragile planet is irreversible and future generations will have to pick up the tab on our predecessor’s carelessness. Without a doubt, the world of tomorrow looks ever so drab and bleak. Any reconciliations we can undertake now will ultimately serve as just a token amend as we try to fix what was broken so long ago.

With such insurmountable odds, what can we do to reverse this fragile eco trajectory? Unfortunately, mitigation may be our best approach. If we can somehow ease the carbon onslaught today, we might still bestow a sustainable planet for future generations.

Firm environmental regulations have been enacted to curb careless and negligent behavior. Major corporations – previously immune to stringent regulations – are now feeling the sting of their environmental incursions through hefty civil penalties, fines, and even lawsuits. Our government has sent a firm message: Laissez-Faire approach to industry doesn’t apply the mismanagement of dangerous chemicals.

U.S. Hazmat Storage isolates dangerous chemical compounds

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot we can to do to minimize the careless actions of former businesses, who didn’t care about what the future might hold. Recently, an old dry-cleaning facility in New Jersey had to be razed due to the contaminated soil and groundwater it produced prior to the company’s closure in 1996.

An investigation by the state’s department of environmental services determined that the site was polluted with tetrachloroethylene, a common and dangerous dry-cleaning agent. A misnomer, such dry-cleaning chemicals have a nasty effect on Mother Nature. The site was so contaminated that a large section of topsoil had to be removed. This spill is of enormous concern because of the possibility of these chemicals seeping into the nearby groundwater increases by the minute.

Like most chemical spills that happen every day, such egregious oversights are truly preventable. Aggravating factors aside, retribution does little to lessen the blow that has been unduly placed on our environment.

Steel-welded storage lockers can mitigate threats

The only solution we can possibly fathom in such scenarios is total prevention through complete steel protection. U.S. Hazmat Storage offers an innovative and comprehensive line of solid steel lockers that can adequately contain dangerous chemicals and prevent them from permeating into our natural environment.

Moreover, these lockers also offer spill sump containers. If spills do happen, a grated flooring system can catch the chemicals and safely collect them until the appropriate authorities can arrive to remove them.

Two-hour and four-hour fire rated protection can prevent financial ruin

Four Hour Fire Rated Chemical Storage Building Model 4FS2008

And what about fire protection? We can extinguish those fears, too. We can offer superior site protection in the form of two-hour and four-hour fire protection storage lockers. These units are also ideal for isolating and separating dangerous chemicals from one another, so the likelihood of an accident dramatically decreases with the inclusion of one of our lockers into any workflow.