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Chemical Storage Warehouses Can Prevent Fires

chemical storage warehouse

Due to their sheer size and proximity to vulnerable property, warehouse fires can be extremely difficult to contain. Factor in neighboring communities, and you have the perfect conditions for a sustained chemical incident. Modern manufacturing depends on the large storage space provided by warehouses. Large industrial warehouses provide existing inventory, manufacturing processes and outgoing orders ample room for operation without interference. But what about chemical storage? Flammable and even seemingly inert substances often go unnoticed of the rush of fulfilling orders and procuring new supplies. Unlike most raw materials, hazardous materials and dangerous chemicals require separate and compliant storage away from other inventory. The manufacturing world was reminded of this time-tested lesson during a warehouse fire in Euclid, Ohio last month. We are also reminded of the importance of a chemical storage warehouse at any production facility that uses dangerous chemicals.

Chemical Storage Warehouse Can Protect Against “Target Hazards”

chemical storage warehouse

Firefighters responded to the early morning blaze of Feb. 6 as any routine call. But unlike any residential or smaller commercial blaze, firefighters were immediately instructed to proceed with enhanced caution. Within minutes upon arrival, the crews learned the warehouse contained high amounts of magnesium on site. Magnesium metal is an extremely explosive metal. What made this particular industrial fire so scary was the fact that magnesium can also negatively react with water. What are firefighters to do when one of their primary weapons against destruction can be ineffective against a very unpredictable chemical? Fortunately, the billets of magnesium were limited to a concealed oven.

Chemical Storage Solutions for a Variety of Threats

As evident from the Euclid, Ohio fire, a compliant chemical storage warehouse should never be a luxury. But where can you dedicate so much square footage to storing just one type of chemical without infringing on daily operations? A chemical storage warehouse from U.S. Hazmat Storage is a standalone steel-welded storage container that can be easily transported to your manufacturing facility. Such storage gives you complete inventory control by allowing you to store all your dangerous chemicals in one place without having to sifting through raw materials and production orders. All U.S. Hazmat chemical storage warehouses meet standards set forth by the NFPA, EPA and OSHA, so you never have to worry about falling out of compliance. In addition to superior industrial construction that provides explosion relief paneling for destruction mitigation, each chemical storage warehouse is also equipped with a sump. These large tanks sit beneath a metal grate beneath the storage lockers. A sump will collect all hazardous materials in the event of a spill or leakage.