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Non fire-rated storage lockers can meet stringent OSHA chemical requirements

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The fines and civil penalties from improper chemical storage can take your breath away. Years of perfecting your brand’s image and reputation as a trusted manufacturer can be forever tarnished by just a few moments of negligence. In the ebb and flow of daily operations, project managers and employees can easily overlook crucial errors in storing and retrieving dangerous chemicals. The results can be catastrophic. Failure to adhere to EPA and OSHA requirements often leads to undue death and destruction.

Airborne irritant leads to hazmat incident at dental products company

When it comes to hazardous materials, the silent threats are often the most dangerous. A California dental products company learned this lesson when its commercial footprint was evacuated after numerous employees began to complain of chest pains. More than 30 people were sickened and nine employees were eventually sent to the hospital for breathing problems. Authorities are still unsure of the irritant’s source and the investigation is ongoing. While investigators try to determine the root cause of the chemical contamination, local authorities will likely audit the company’s protocol in meeting OSHA chemical requirements for proper storage.

ChemSAFE storage lockers can exceed OSHA chemical requirements

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Due to the absence of evidence from a physical spill, it’s likely last week’s chemical incident at the dental products company was the result of a noxious gas or fumes emitted from a product from within the plant. Dental offices and product facilities routinely use disinfectants, adhesives, photo chemicals and hazardous materials. Some of the potentially volatile, but necessary chemicals can later become hazardous waste, which also requires a special level of steel protection. Hazardous wastes are chemicals that are corrosive, flammable, reactive or toxic. US Hazmat Storage ChemSAFE storage lockers are a logical, affordable and practical storage solution, so your company can meet OSHA chemical requirements.

Spill sump containment and steel welded technology can prevent toxic chemical leaks

Accidents happen. They are a fact of life on any jobsite. How you prepare and mitigate these accidents is what it’s important. Each U.S. Hazmat Storage locker is outfitted with an innovative steel sump containment system. If spills do occur, the chemicals will fall freely through the steel grated floor and collected into a large sump. This prevents dangerous chemicals from escaping the steel welded locker and contaminating the immediate environment.