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‘Breaking Bad’ Habits of Chemical Storage

If left to their own devices, human beings will set the world on fire. We’re like children playing with matches or cavemen discovering fire for the first time. When are given the keys to destruction, we simply can’t help ourselves. It’s by pure divine intervention that we haven’t destroyed the world several times over considering we have unlocked Pandora’s Box with the splitting of the atom – ushering in what might be the twilight of our very existence. Worried about another global pandemic taking us? Don’t be. We can’t even properly wash our hands or avoid the temptation of unhinging our Starbucks’ glazed sticky fingers from our phones long enough to avoid a static charged induced explosion at the gas pump. So, are we really that surprised that everything from mouthwash to lighter fluid comes with a warning label? And these are just accidents. What about deliberate draws of the heavy hammer when playing Russian roulette with dangerous chemicals? Judging by the upsurge in clandestine meth lab busts, some kids never outgrow reaching for the Drain-o under the kitchen sink stage. To keep your nose clean and from keep dangerous materials from falling into the wrong hands, now is the time to consider ‘breaking bad’ habits of chemical storage and investing in a fire-rated storage locker.

When Improper Chemical Storage Turns Sinister

'Breaking Bad' Habits of Chemical Storage

Child locks need to be adult proof. Who would knowingly ingest poison? And we’re not talking about processed food, although that’s an entirely different conversation that we can’t be an authoritative source on. What can we be is the voice of reason when it comes to dangerous chemicals. Everyday, dangerous substances are misused and abused to make dangerous concoctions of illicit drugs. Drugs, such as meth, or speed, flood our streets with delinquent users and the means of manufacturing aren’t exactly environmental friendly either. So it’s no surprise that meth labs and other secret drug operations are treated like the plague upon discovery. Wearing what looks like bulky oversized spacesuits, hazmat first response crews methodically purge the crime scene of dangerous precursor chemicals that can do irreparable harm to the ecosystem if allowed to escape. One such situation transpired in Schenectady, N.Y. after police discovered a meth lab while serving eviction papers to an apartment tenant. The unnamed local man will likely find himself residing in a state run facility after officers found batches of precursor drugs for the illicit drug at his parent’s home. Authorities immediately swung in action to control the hazmat situation so that it didn’t impact the surrounding community.

More on ‘Breaking Bad’ Habits of Chemical Storage

Hazmat Tote Storage
Hazmat Tote Storage

Romanticizing drug use and manufacturing comes with proverbial perils. So we will spare you the platitudes of abstinence, but what you may not know is that meth lab operators have far too much in common with the rest of society. Meth manufacturers are unabashed when it comes to getting their hands on those seedy little crystal rocks. They brazenly strut into their local pharmacies and stock up on supplies before the clerks have enough time to jot down their information. If they’re this careless about publicly skirting possession laws, do you really think they will store these dangerous chemicals in safe containers? Of course not. But they’re not so different than the rest of us.

Many business owners don’t think twice about improper chemical storage until they get cited by OSHA or fined by the EPA. Even worse: sometimes their negligence leads to serious injury and death. If you thought a single overdose is bad, browse the headlines of the nation’s latest chemical fire or explosion for some true scope of measure. If we can’t harried drug dealers to abide by felony drug laws, there’s probably not much hope of them following civil ordinances on proper chemical storage. But what’s your excuse? As a law abiding citizen concerned about the environment, you don’t have much in the way of an excuse for following basic storage regulations. Besides, do you really want to see your mugshot alongside the town’s notorious drug dealer? Our fire-rated chemical storage lockers can preserve your company’s reputation and keep you out of trouble by offering an arsenal of streel-welded storage lockers that can securely protect any chemical classification.