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Maximize Capacity With Multi-Unit Modular Storage

Maximize Capacity With Multi-Unit Modular Storage

Space is a premium on any job-site, especially on the factory floor. With heavy machinery, raw materials and inventory dominating the majority of your floorspace, you can’t afford to give up too much elbow room. But dangerous chemicals used as precursors, lubricants and industrial strength degreasers still need to be accounted and stored behind thick steel panels to ensure compliance and the safety of your workforce. Our multi-unit and duplex modular buildings are a turnkey, one-stop solution to all your chemical storage and equipment needs without overcrowding daily operations. These pre-fabricated mated units can double and even triple the storage capacity you would achieve with smaller, one piece chemical storage lockers. What’s more is they can store hundreds of drums and totes at a time and can easily accessed via forklift or hand truck, so you don’t have to worry about navigating around other materials to find what you need.

Maximize Storage Potential Without Sacrificing Space

Our revolutionary designed buildings essentially consist of multiple single storage lockers that are pre-fabricated and mated on site before delivered to your location. Multi-unit lockers just make sense. Why purchase separate lockers for storing the same materials when you could go with an economical and streamlined solution that isn’t too bulky or cumbersome to work around? Versatility is also our forte in engineering. Duplex modular lockers can be stacked or connected side-by-side to maximize space. By increasing your storage capacity, you eliminate additional warehouse and construction costs that you would’ve otherwise doled out to accommodate the separate storage of dangerous chemicals. And like with any other chemical storage locker in our arsenal, you have the option of roll-up, double leaf or traditional access doors to be added to your building. We engineer and fabricate each chemical storage locker to meet the specific demands of the individual customer.

Palletized Drum Storage

If you’re looking for large storage capacity with large bays for easy access, you’re likely handling hundreds of heavy metal drums. If you ever just tried to move one of these colossal metal containers, you know they are pretty taxing to move, even with a hand-truck. Now just imagine not only trying to move several at a time, but freeing up enough space to allow for the easy access and removal of hundreds of them. You can work up a sweat just thinking about the logistical dilemma at hand. Fortunately palletized drum storage eases the burden of palletized drum storage. Each multi-use modular or duplex chemical storage locker features economical push-back racking systems to maximize your storage capacity. Large operating bays ensure that forklifts can easily store and retrieve pallets of drums without disturbing other stationary drums.

Multi-use Modular and Duplex Storage Uses

While we are the unsung heroes of the chemical storage world, our buildings have several industrial uses and applications, as well. In addition to palletized drum and tote storage, many customers have also used our buildings as paint dispensing and mixing rooms. Mechanical ventilation and climate controlled options allow for the safe pigment mixing and coating operations without environmental contamination or external temperatures affecting chemical consistency. Explosion relief panel technology ensures that any chemical incident that occurs within the building doesn’t jeopardize the lives of workers diligently performing their duties outside the locker.

Most Commonly Stored Chemicals

  • Paints
  • Acids
  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Ethanol
  • Petroleum products
  • lithium ion batteries

Optional Accessories and Features

  • Climate Control
  • Fire Suppression
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Safety showers